Hello! I’m a video games producer based in Toronto.

I’ve been working in PC, console and mobile games since 2012 — mostly in production roles, but also with experience in QA, design and scripting.

Currently I work at Kitfox Games. See some past shipped games here: Past projects

✉️ email: [email protected]

👾 discord: breakfeast

🐦 twitter (barely): @breakfeast

🕴️ linkedin

In my spare time, I work on some of my own side projects and jam games, some of which can be played on itch.io. I occasionally dabble in making music too. Mostly I bake unreasonably much sourdough. Some posts going into more detail about personal projects are below!

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[Past projects](<https://davidrusak.notion.site/Past-projects-e217bded0fd64242be98ae10605913f7>)